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Nov 30, 2011

How strategically are you using LinkedIn these days? Or other social networking sites?

From my interactions with people around the world I get widely varying answers. I know many of you are actively engaged with LinkedIn and even Facebook. Yet I run into many people who effectively tell me, "I know, I know.... I really...

Nov 9, 2011

So let me ask you.... How are you letting the current economic uncertainty impact you?

These are challenging times. As much as I'd love to believe we're rising out of the mire, there's enough ambiguity and lack of national leadership from both political parties that there's plenty of reason to be concerned. That...

Nov 2, 2011

Maybe it's because I'm now in my second decade of running my business. Or it could be that our kids are getting older. But whatever the reason, it becomes more apparent to me each year that a key responsibility for us as leaders is to use our time well. For some time now I've enjoyed Peter's writing and have personally...

Oct 12, 2011

Credibility. It's the foundation of leadership. If we don't have it, we can't lead--it's as simple as that. I trust you enjoyed the discussion with Jim Kouzes.

In this premium episode I want to highlight some points from the interview about credibility.

Let's start with their definition of leadership. It seems that...

Aug 18, 2011

Check out this quote from Daniel J. Boorstin. He said,"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge."

How often have we kidded ourselves that we knew something only to get more data or evidence later that made it clear we didn't have the full story? It happens all the time....