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Welcome to the People and Projects Podcast where you'll find interviews and insights on how to deliver projects and lead teams!

Apr 30, 2021

Making Sense of Weak Signals

Greg Githens joins us to talk about his insightful book How to Think Strategically: Sharpen Your Mind. Develop Your Competency. Contribute to Success. Greg's book is packed with ideas to build your ability to think more critically--more strategically--and develop your ability to lead teams...

Apr 13, 2021

The Head of Certification from PMI Joins Us

Sierra Hampton-Simmons joins us in this episode to talk about the recent changes to the PMP exam. In addition, she gives us a glimpse at what to expect with certifications in the future.

In the discussion, she mentions the following handbooks:

Apr 1, 2021

You Can't Advance If They Don't Know About You

I'm joined by John Stepper to talk about his new book entitled Working Out Loud: A 12-Week Method to Build New Connections, a Better Career, and a More Fulfilling Life. It’s a great read and in today’s discussion, you’re going to learn specific strategies for...