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Welcome to the People and Projects Podcast where you'll find interviews and insights on how to deliver projects and lead teams!

Jul 26, 2011

Total Duration 33:53

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Lead projects long enough and eventually you'll have to deal with the problem project. Whether you were involved with the project from the beginning or inheriting problems from someone else, the reality is we need to be able to rescue the problem project.

That's not only...

Jul 26, 2011

There's nothing easy about rescuing a problem project. There's a reason why they're called problem projects! Todd's book is reasonably good at outlining a framework for how to approach the problem project when you inevitably will be tasked with doing so.

In this special premium edition, I want to share some coaching...

Jul 19, 2011

I have to tell you, I greatly enjoyed reading Peter Sims' book Little Bets and talking with him over the phone. Frankly, I enjoyed it far more than I expected. I expected it to be a book about innovation, and it is. But there are so many lessons in it that apply to all of us who desire to deliver projects and lead...

Jul 19, 2011

Total Duration 25:33

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One of the great challenges of business is how to go from idea to delivery. It's easy to talk about ideas but turning those into a finished product requires much more than talk. It can be daunting to deliver. There's the risk of failure. There's the fear of unknowns--of...

Jul 5, 2011

Ever get a crazy idea and decide to act on it? Too often I just sit on the idea instead of taking action. In late May I had a crazy idea: to produce a Father's Day Rap with some friends.

Though Father's Day is in the rear view mirror, I thought I'd share yours truly making a fool of myself trying to lay down some rap...