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Aug 31, 2019

Is project management "the art of creating the illusion that any outcome is the result of a series of predetermined, deliberate acts when, in fact, it was dumb luck"?

In Harold Kerzner's classic book on project management, he suggests that many companies run their projects with that mindset.

In this 3-minute video, I...

Aug 20, 2019

Are there shortcuts? It's a rare week that goes by without seeing a post here on LinkedIn reminding us that success is a game of grit and grind, hard work and perseverance, and all of that is true.

But are there shortcuts?

In this brief video, I share a lesson told to me by a workshop participant today. It calls back to...

Aug 1, 2019

Hey, you know that conflict you have going on? It's a pain, right? Sucking the life out of you, perhaps?

I spoke with a group of leaders today at a Chicago company that I love. One idea during our discussion? When faced with conflict, keep a laser focus on this one principle: don't make the conflict worse.

Try to...