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Jun 12, 2019

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Make the Ask

As people who are responsible for leading teams and projects, we are often in the position of having to make an ask. Maybe it's an ask of a team member or a colleague in a different side of the business. Maybe we have an ask of our boss or sponsor.

One of the differences I see between those who go from point A to point B faster is their willingness to make the ask. Life is filled with opportunities to ask, and because of that, we ought to be good at it, but do you know what I find? We often don’t make the ask.


Why have you been putting off asking for a raise? Why have you been dragging your feet about reaching out to a potential mentor? Why do we hold off on making the ask?

In this episode, I share a recent discussion with Kari Mirabal, one of my favorite voices when it comes to networking and relationship-building. Kari has a new book coming out soon and there are practical ideas that can help you when it comes to relationship-building, for sure, but also with any time you have to make an ask.

Here's how you can learn more about Kari:


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