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Feb 24, 2024


In this episode, Andy interviews Tara Miller, a successful project manager and the founder of Artemis, a management consulting business. Tara shares her journey into project management and highlights the misconceptions about the role. She also discusses important lessons she has learned about leading people and delivering projects.

Tara emphasizes the significance of building strong team dynamics and fostering individual connections. She provides practical management practices for leading and delivering projects, such as getting to know team members individually, creating team dynamics, and establishing a shared purpose. She also reflects on her personal journey to success, emphasizing the value of hard work and the support of others.

Lastly, Tara provides advice for working parents and highlights the benefits of embracing chaos and taking risks. In the outtakes, Andy and Tara discuss the role of AI in project management and the potential impact on the future of work.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:29 Start of Interview
  • 01:51 Tara's Journey to Project Management
  • 04:49 Misunderstandings about Project Management
  • 06:50 Lessons about Leading People and Delivering Projects
  • 09:27 The Project Schedule is the Schedule for How the Project Will Not Occur
  • 11:12 Practical Management Practices for Leading and Delivering Projects
  • 16:24 POP: Personal Operating Profile
  • 19:27 Corporate Mood Ring
  • 20:29 Some of the Biggest People-Related Challenges
  • 22:38 Navigating Change and Stakeholder Management
  • 25:31 Lessons About Being a Successful Woman in Project Management
  • 31:24 Thriving as a Working Parent
  • 38:02 Interview Wrap Up
  • 38:27 Andy Comments After the Interview
  • 40:49 Outtakes

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