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Apr 30, 2020

Check Out the Project Management Certificate Program at UC Irvine

This episode is sponsored by University of California Irvine Continuing Education, who has been developing adult learners for over half a century. UC Irvine has a Project Management Certificate Program that is available to you, regardless of whether you’re in their neighborhood or around the world. UC Irvine’s program aligns with standards set out by Project Management Institute and satisfies the education requirements for the Project Management Professional certification. Spring registration is now open! Visit to learn more and reserve your seat. Thanks!


Lead Like a Child

Being childlike is not exactly typical advice you hear dished out for leaders, but before this episode is done, I trust you’ll see exactly what my guest John O'Leary is talking about. John is the author of a new book entitled In Awe. It's a book I highly recommend, and look forward to hearing from you after you listen to this episode.

Learn more about John and his book at


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Talent Triangle: Leadership


Children Play by AlekSound


Inspiring Advertising by Rafael Krux


Audio clip of child asking questions: Uncle Buck