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Apr 3, 2018

Leadership Lessons

I'll bet you recently walked by a beautifully landscaped area—maybe it was someone's home, or on a college or corporate campus. You walked by that beautiful area and perhaps you told yourself, "Wow. That's stunning." But here's something I bet you didn't say to yourself: "Wow. That's stunning! This place must have an amazing program to develop outstanding leaders!"

I bring this up because beautiful landscaping doesn't just happen. And today you'll hear about leadership lessons from someone whose teams have won national championships when it comes to the most beautiful college campuses. Jeff McManus is the author of Growing Weeders into Leaders, a little book packed with leadership lessons that apply to all of us.

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THE FOREST AND THE TREES by Kevin Macleod Licensed under a Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 License.

NONSTOP by Kevin Macleod Licensed under a Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 License.