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Apr 17, 2018

Sustainable Pace

There are so many ideas in agile project management that I appreciate, and one of my favorites is the principle of sustainable pace. The idea of sustainable pace is that whatever effort we’re putting into our projects, we should be able to sustain it for the long haul. This agile principle acknowledges that our ability to deliver value is harmed when we’re not maintaining a sustainable pace.

Now we all would nod our heads that sustainable pace is a good idea, but in practice, many work cultures are far from it. In fact, in conversation after conversation I hear executive coaching clients and audience members talk about dealing with the other extreme—long hours, working on weekends, and high levels of stress.

The problem is serious and to mark this special occasion of episode 200, we are joined by Stanford Business School professor Jeffrey Pfeffer. Jeff is the author of Dying for a Paycheck: How Modern Management Harms Employee Health and Company Performance--And What We Can Do About It. If you lead people, I believe this is a must-read.

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