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Nov 23, 2022

Hi! Meet Your Brain

Have you ever looked at how someone made a decision and wondered, “What were they thinking?” For me, it’s not just even watching other people. Sometimes I reflect on how I felt about something or a decision and wonder, “Huh… I wonder what was going on there?”

Chantel Prat is one of today’s most important researchers and voices in the field of neuroscience. And she’s the author of a fascinating and entertaining new book entitled The Neuroscience of You: How Every Brain Is Different and How to Understand Yours. It's not just a book about the brain. It's a book that introduces you to your brain.

If you’ve ever wondered how the brain works but instantly found your eyes rolling back because the material was too boring, you’ll want to get a copy of this book. Chantel is as funny as she is brilliant--I’m looking forward to sharing today’s discussion with you.

Learn more about Chantel and her book at

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