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Sep 30, 2022

Accountability on Project Teams

In this episode, we’re taking on the subject of accountability. And though fostering accountability among our team members is something we’ll talk about, you’re going to see that developing a culture of personal accountability might have a lot more to do with us than we realize.

My guest today is Michael Timms. He’s the author of a fantastic leadership book entitled How Leaders Can Inspire Accountability: Three Habits That Make or Break Leaders and Elevate Organizational Performance.

In this episode, Michael helps us get a better understanding of what accountability is--and isn’t. He explains how looking at accountability through the lens of systems thinking can help us better understand why we’re getting the behaviors we’re experiencing. Michael shares his litmus test of whether or not someone is a leader. And he introduces us to some habits that, when done well and consistently, can develop transforming levels of impact on you, your team, and your organization’s results.

Learn more about Michael and his book at

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