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May 6, 2022

The Dirty Little Secret of Business

For years I’ve been telling coaching clients that the dirty little secret of business is that everything comes down to relationships. I know: It’s not dirty. It’s certainly not little. And I suppose it’s not a secret--you know relationships are important. But the statistics about relationships are not encouraging and it’s not just because of social distancing during COVID.

Maybe it’s just that we’re busy. Or maybe it’s that what we think we know about relationships is wrong.

Eric Barker joins us again, this time to talk about his new book entitled Plays Well with Others: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Relationships Is (Mostly) Wrong.

In this episode, Eric talks about why the fundamental core of relationships is the stories we tell ourselves. He explains why we stink at reading people--despite thinking we’re awesome at it. Before we’re done with this episode, you’ll know what costly signals are and why it’s important to know about Negative Sentiment Override. Eric will even share some insights on conflict, that can be applied in love relationships as well as at work.

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