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Nov 12, 2021

Little Changes Can Make A Big Difference

It’s interesting to me how little changes can have outsized benefits. For example, how something is said. There’s a difference between a boss saying, “You can hit this date, right?” and “Here’s what we need to get done. How much time do you think this would take? What do you need from me to make that happen?”

Sometimes it’s just little shifts in what we say. How we make an ask. How we look at a situation. And with just a little shift, we can sometimes reap enormous benefits in our relationships at work and at home.

I’m excited to introduce you to Krister Ungerbock. Krister is the author of one of my most gifted books recently. It’s entitled 22 Talk SHIFTs: Tools to Transform Leadership in Business, in Partnership, and in Life. It's a book I probably would have never picked up, but I'm so glad the publisher reached out to introduce me to it. I look forward to introducing you to Krister and his work!

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