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Feb 1, 2011

I have to tell you: I love running a small company.

Two years ago I was interviewed by Coach Ian Scott, my friend, and colleague from the UK, for his very popular podcast on iTunes. After the interview I decided, "Hey, I could do that!" And within days, the People and Projects Podcast was birthed, with this being our 44th episode.

Being the owner of a small company, it was easy to make that decision. For our upcoming Leadership Fast Track program, we're going to do one-on-coaching and workshops using collaborative technologies, allowing you to participate regardless of where you call home. My small company allows me to make fast decisions to offer solutions like that, to turn on a dime, so to speak, if desired.

Yet being small--as in a small number of employees--doesn't always work that way. In today's interview, I'll tell the story of a small company that doesn't act small. You may work for yourself, for a small company, or for a huge multinational organization. I'm convinced that your ability to act like a small company is more about how you look at things than it is about the number of employees.

And that's just one of the themes of my friend and colleague Phil Simon, who recently released his latest book entitled The New Small: How a New Breed of Small Businesses Is Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technologies. You may recall Phil from my interview with him in August of 2009 regarding his book Why New Systems Fail: An Insider's Guide to Successful IT Projects. For years I've found Phil's insights to be fresh, on target, and actionable.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Phil recently about his new book and look forward to sharing that interview in this episode.

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You can learn more about Phil at and Tweet about this interview and @philsimon might just pick you for a free copy of his book!


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Thank you for joining us for this episode of The People and Projects Podcast! Have a great week!