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Jan 18, 2010

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As you start this new year, let me ask you a personal question: How satisfied are you with your financial situation?

Though it doesn't seem like a question for a podcast on leadership and project management, here's what I've found: there are seemingly endless resources available on the internet to learn more about managing your finances. Yet I find that many of my coaching clients--once I get to know them well enough--confess that financial stress is something they deal with, particularly in this economy.

Since work/life balance is an important objective for all who desire to lead people and projects, I wanted to invest a cast on the topic of our personal finances. The start of a year is often a great time to reboot old habits to start fresh with new ones.

When it comes to financial advice I turn to my friend, author, and personal finance expert Matt Bell. I had the opportunity to talk with Matt recently and look forward to sharing the interview with you in this cast.

To learn more about Matt, check out his website at Also, don't miss the sites Matt mentions in this cast, including, Fidelity's MyPlan Snapshot ,, and

Hey, quick question: How are YOU doing on your new year's resolutions? We're far enough into the new year that, at least statistically, many of them will have fallen off the radar screen. But they don't have to.

If you haven't yet heard my interview with Jordan Goldberg, CEO of, make sure to check it out. Jordan's site has helped me reach my new year's weight loss goal in far less time than I planned. You might just find a way to use their site to achieve some financial related goals this year as well!

Please join me in our next podcast when I interview Keith Ferrazzi, author of the bestseller Never Eat Alone and his new book Who's Got Your Back. Relationships are a key ingredient to your success at work, with projects, and in life, and Keith is the foremost authority on the topic.

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