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Dec 30, 2016

Total Duration 39:48

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What Did You Learn Last Year?

What's something specific you've learned in the last 12 months that you either didn't know before then or you had to re-learn it? That's a question I asked some of my favorite continual learners--friends and colleagues who are committed to...

Dec 22, 2016

Gotta Love Millennials

When the topic of millennials comes up in my workshops, it's sure to evoke strong opinions, from older leaders who complain millennials are entitled, to the millennials who resent being stereotyped.

In this episode, Lee Caraher joins us to talk about both sides of the issue. Lee is the author of...

Nov 24, 2016

Project Managers Influencing Without Authority

Increasingly, project managers need to influence but do so without authority. Often, without much, if any positional power, we need to get a sponsor or team member or other stakeholders to say "Yes". There's no shortage of books on influence, but there's a new one I have...

Nov 9, 2016

What Good is a Mess?

As a profession, project managers have a tendency toward the tidy. Would you agree? I'm not talking about tidy in terms of cleanliness. I'm talking about tidy in terms of organized. Buttoned up. In control.

In this episode, Tim Harford joins us to argue for the value of messiness. Tim is the author...

Oct 11, 2016

You Have More Stakeholders Than You Realize

One of the primary reasons so much of our emphasis on The People and Projects Podcast is on the people side of our profession is because that is often the biggest struggle. In many ways, project management is really people management, and learning how to navigate the people...